About us

Welcome to the website of Kolařík Parrots.
My name is Ladislav Kolařík and I have been keeping and breeding parrots since 1990.

When I grew up, my family had a lot of farm animals.
Some time ago, my wife was showing our little daughter photos from my early childhood, laughing that there were animals on almost all of my photos, whether it was a goat, a rabbit, a goose, a hen, a cat or a dog.

However, thanks to my granddad, I grew up surrounded especially by pigeons. Later on, my daddy looked after them and gradually, I began to look after them on my own. And so it all started.

When I was nine, my father bought me a pair of Eastern rosellas and he has been supporting and helping me ever since.

I started keeping the rosellas in a rabbit hutch :-), expanding it subsequently into an outdoor aviary.

Later on, my era of Masked and Fischer's lovebirds started. At this moment, the real breeding began. Our garden filled up with aviaries. There were years when I even managed to raise almost 300 young parrots.

And also thanks to this I could afford to buy larger parrots. I kept Grey parrots which I managed to breed to perch. I also kept a pair of Cockatoo, unfortunately the male killed the female and then it was difficult to get one in the Czech Republic. And I also kept several pairs of Cuban Amazons.

I have kept large parrots for several years. However, five years ago our breeding underwent a radical change.

We (my father and I) sold all large parrots and focused on breeding Australian parrots, especially their mutations.

Australian King Parrot, Superb Parrot or Regent Parrot are among our favourite ones.
Of course, we breed other species of parrots, too.

Over time, we have decided to share at least our photographs and therefore set up this website. I hope you will like it.

Ladislav Kolařík & Co. :-)